By Noor Charchafchi
Ce Bv 0284

Bring your entrance area to life

April 27, 2020

Tip 1: Clear and declutter

Firstly clear out whatever you might have in that area unless there is something you definitely want to keep there like a beautiful console table or a lovely sculpture or vase.

Tip 2: Take a step back

I always like to sit back from the space and just look at it for a while once its cleared out and empty and see what I feel could really work in the space and the likely size of whatever it is that I might want to place there,

Tip 3: Inspiration

Inspiration is so important for me before deciding what texture and colour I’m going to use and I am inspired by so many things, I love looking at different metals and stones I have in my library and putting them against different fabrics and then taking what I have fallen in love with to the space and seeing if it looks and feels right before picking any one specific. I might even just be inspired by a sculpture or item that I definitely want to keep in the space and then take it from there.

Iverna 2

Tip 4: The star piece

The next step for me s sourcing the major piece that I want in the space, that might be a console table or a chair or bench and once I have found my star piece I work around that to bring in the artwork accessories or even more pieces of furniture.

Iverna 3

Tip 5: Step back and reassess

Once everything is in place I like to sit back again and reassess the area and I might still shuffle things around until I feel the look is just right.

Step 6: Carefully choose what to accessorise with

Don’t be tempted to just go and buy all the most beautiful accessories you’ve had your eye on and stick them altogether, this can end up just looking messy and having probably spent a lot on the exercise you might feel very frustrated that it hasn’t worked well, so go slow, piece by piece. Greenery is a great way of bringing in some fresh energy into an entrance and if you have lots of hard finishing’s this can really break up the intensity of it all and the same goes for some natural weave rattan baskets which can really add a sense of warmth to a space. Gone are the days where orchids and a stand are enough to really fill a space with life.

If I have the space I like to add in one strong sculpture or feature piece to allow the eye to draw to a focal point and give the arrangement some depth.

Iverna 6

Step 6: Have fun and design with love

The most important of all however and I have saved this to the end is just to have fun with it, if you enjoyed designing the space you will somehow feel it every time you walk past it, I guess it’s like cooking with love, nothing quite like it, it’s a subtle difference but a major one, there you have it my ideas on dressing an entrance space.