By Noor Charchafchi
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Introducing Smith & Noor Fabrics

The Exciting New Launch of Fabrics from Celine Interior Design's Founder Noor Charchafchi

April 19, 2021


Celine Interior Design is extremely excited and proud to introduce the launch of the Smith & Noor fabrics, co-created by Celine Interior Design Founder and Director Noor Charchafchi along with partner Carole Annett (née Smith) editor at Country & Town House.

Carole’s quintessentially English style mixed with Noor’s Middle-East heritage and modern eye has resulted in a traditional and classic collection of fabrics for contemporary living. Both Noor and Carole wanted to live up to their names, Smith meaning 'maker' and Charchafchi translating to 'linen sheet' in Arabic. While researching fabrics, Noor and Carole fell in love with the history of textiles and were deeply fascinated and inspired by the book ‘The Golden Thread: How fabric changed history’ by Kassia St Clair. Their shared passion for pure, natural materials and the traditional techniques in the production of wools and linens has led to the launch of Smith & Noor - traditional yet innovative fabrics combining beauty, quality and function.

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The Smith & Noor fabric line includes a selection of luxurious classic British wool and Irish Linens. Sourced from skilled artisans who have crafted using age-old traditions, infusing passion and love into their work. The sustainable ethos for both Carole and Noor for the Smith & Noor collection was to work with luxurious, high-quality materials made in British mills.

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The story behind the Clotho collection derives from Greek mythology where Clotho the most powerful of three Fates, visited every newborn child taking her spindle to spin the thread of life. This mythology resonates with the Smith & Noor story: fabric forms textures which both mark a moment in time and make us feel good. the thread of life, creating both memories and mood - from baby’s swaddling clothes to wedding gowns, from what we wear every day and choose to sleep under, as well as what we surround ourselves with in our homes, we are constantly interacting with and choosing textures, which both mark a moment in time and make us feel good’.

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From the creation of these exquisite fabrics comes a variety of luxury products of cushions and throws, to make a perfect addition to the home or a gift. Adapting to current times, Smith & Noor has also created a line of unique and stylish masks and mask chains. A further edit of carefully chosen accessories will also include lampshades and notebooks.

To view the full collection of fabrics and products, visit the Smith & Noor website for more details.