By Noor Charchafchi
The Colours Of Christmas 4

The Colours of Christmas

December 13, 2018

Welcome to the pink palette Christmas designed by Celine Estate

Christmas colours are usually red, greens and golds and whites mixed with silvers, one of our favourites. This year the Director of Celine Estates chose to change up the regular colour palette and go for something completely different. Designing a dinner with shades of dusty and baby pinks with a mix of metals, both silver and gold with turquoise blues for added playful effect. The result was a magnificent splendour of colour.

The Colours Of Christmas 1

How did she do it!

The flowers were the first step. Choosing an array of dusty pink flowers arranged by Neil Burke housed in beautiful gold petite vases and spreading iced acorns around the vases on the table for the added seasonal warmth.

The Colours Of Christmas 7

The candles were of course incredibly important and staying true to using a mix of metals, she chose towering gold candelabra and then smaller table candles to light up the flowers and the table setting from India Jane. The gold candelabra, a naturally glamorous pair and the lower setting candles very interestingly encased in small silver pots reminiscent of afternoon tea at the rit, the perfect mix and balance to the glittering table setting.

The Colours Of Christmas 5

The dinnerware set was a beautifully designed set from Vera Wang designed with silver flowers and outlined with a decorative silver border sitting within its bright white base.

Laid on the top of each salad plate was a pretty silver glittered Christmas tree decoration for each guest to take away with them to remind them of the beautiful night spent immersed in design and beauty.

The Colours Of Christmas 2

The napkins a beautiful pink linen set from Le Jacquard Francais, a Tivoli Powder Pink, naturally 100% linen and a timeless look and addition to the table folded and placed just under the salad plate.

The Colours Of Christmas 3

Each guest was gifted a box of assorted chocolates to take home, not any chocolates would do however, only the best for the honoured guests and so 10 boxes were purchased from the exquisite Birley Chocolate collection. By their own description, handmade chocolate by Vincent Zanardi produced exclusively for 5 Hertford Street members. Vincent’s miniature squares are of the finest dark, milk or white chocolate with a surprise: sandwiched between their layers is toasted sesame, intense lemon and matcha tea, praline, roasted hazelnuts, salted caramel, cocoa nibs or toasted coconut. The beautiful yellow pastel coloured boxes were then wrapped with beautiful wide and luxurious ribbons laced with glitter and presented by each dinner plate setting.

The Colours Of Christmas 6

The set up was perfect and the new Christmas colour worked better than could have been imagined all that was left was the guests and their Christmas spirits. The guests and their love and generosity and Christmas warmth filled the rest of the night with the most magical energy and alas the night was a complete success of dazzling design and sparkle.