By Noor Charchafchi
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Top interior trends for 2020

January 13, 2020

The curved sofa!

In fact the curve in many areas, I recently walked into Harrods furniture department and saw the Zaha Hadid section, the late queen of the curve had her exquisite furniture and accessory collection laid out in the stunning department store so in line with the curves in the upholstered furniture it looks like the curve is here to stay!

Curved sofas definitely came on strong in 2019 and it doesn’t look like the trend is shifting anytime soon.

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Ribbed timber

I’m not sure if it’s just me seeing it everywhere because I’m particularly obsessed with this at the moment and want to try it out literally everywhere but I’m definitely seeing it. Thankfully no one can correct me if I’m mistaken because no one can answer back on this page but I feel it’s a definite trend and if it’s not I’m sticking to my feelings anyway since I will definitely be using it throughout some of furniture and joinery pieces this year.

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The neutral palette

It’s so so easy to work with and so easy to live with I think designers and clients alike won’t be moving away from this trend for quite some time. Frankly greige is definitely more colourful than beige and I personally love to throw in lots of taupe to create a more tonal look so trend or no trend it’s sticking with us.



I’m not sure that ceramic artwork was ever so popular as it is today and definitely was in 2019 and seems only to be growing bigger. I love ceramic artwork and accessories and there seem to be ceramicists appearing all over the place and they aren’t just average artists they are brilliant so it’s a pleasure to be working alongside them and within this exciting period.

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A little bit of brass or is it bronze?

It feels to me like we are moving very slightly away or at least alongside the brass trend and getting within closer proximity to the bronze mixed palette of metal work. We are definitely still in the metal detailing era but whether or not it’s now brass or bronze I’m not fully sure.

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