By Noor Charchafchi
Keeping Christmas Sophisticated

Keeping Christmas Sophisticated

November 22, 2018

November is officially here, and Christmas is around the corner!

It’s time to kick off the festive season and prepare our homes, but how far do we go?

While you are free to overindulge for Christmas lunch and the numerous dinners and parties, should that sentiment be carried through to your home decor?

It’s easy to get carried away but it’s also important to mantain a balance between your home’s natural character and the ever changing Christmas trends.

Celine Estates Mood Board

Why not try to create a scheme that will blend seamlessly with your space whilst bringing in a touch of Christmas glamour. Try creating your own little mood board or concept board and download images and ideas from pinterest and other platforms. It’s a great way to keep a record of your favorite ideas and it will also allow you to see clearly visualize all your items together.



Choose a color palette that reflects your personal style and accent it with metallic items in gold, silver or bronze. Metallic details bring sophisticated sparkle to an interior, and it’s also on point with this year’s classic - contemporary trend.


Soft furnishings

Christmas can sometimes align itself with a feeling of rustic warmth mixed in with a dash of glitter! You can easily add this sentiment into your bedroom or living room sofa by throwing in a beautiful generously knitted blanket or throw.

Source new scatter cushions that fit beautifully with your existing scheme, and look around for elegant cushions whist subtle embellishments. You can try @harrods @amara @fortuneandmaison @luxdeco.



Christmas is not just about decorative items, it also holds a distinctive scent. At a time of a year when smells and atmosphere are everything - fragance candles, candlesticks and diffusers are perfect accent to a warm ambience. Add in the scents of spices and baking and homely scent and your set to go!

Great Christmas candle suppliers this year @patrickcoard @baobabcollection



Don’t over style, keep displays and objects glamorous but simple, it’s more important to have a unique strong centrepiece rather than generally over exposing what you may have collected over the years.


Christmas Tree

Christmas tree is the star of the room, place it wisely in an area where it can be enjoyed throughtout the day and night.

Everyone wants the biggest tree, but there’s nothing worst than a large tree squashed in a tiny space. Make sure each object is chosen wisely and make a firm decision on the colour scheme you are going for rather than trying to mix every bauble and decoration that you have ever had.

We suggest going for either a gold scheme or a silver scheme, or a classic red and gold scheme, always keeping it simple and well distributed.


Dining Table

Details are important - create a beautiful table setting by using a stunning centrepiece, it could be a flower bouquet or a beautiful large vase, and use the same color and theme pallet with the napkins, dinnerware, platemats, etc.