By Noor Charchafchi

Top Tips for Designing Your Bedroom

November 20, 2018

The bed in the room

The focal point of any bedroom is the bed itself. Make sure your headboard takes centre stage and sets the scene and mood you want to achieve in the room. Think carefully about whether or not you want a grand oversized full height headboard or a more slim line sleek look. There are so many incredible ready-made headboard option and if those don't appeal you can of course opt to have our own headboard made bespoke.


Curtains should be a prime consideration not a last minute addition

The window dressings, the curtains and sheers and the beautiful pelmets or curtain poles always add a beautiful effect in a bedroom and it's important not to leave them out until the rest of the room is designed. Keep these in mind throughout the whole design process because they really add a sense of drama and or glamour to the bedroom setting, it’s also painfully obvious when curtains have been an afterthought!


Choosing the right colour scheme

The colour scheme of any bedroom is intensely important to making sure you achieve the mood you are going to have to wake up to every day. The colour is the first thing that you are going to open your eyes to every morning and so think about what you would want that to be. It’s easy to get carried away with a bedroom and think it’s the only room that’s incredibly private and so in many ways the only opportunity to be completely personal and even go a little wild, but don’t forget its also the room you need to create a sense of serenity, an atmosphere conducive to restfulness and sleep. We like to still to neural tones that we layer up to create a deeper sense of interest rather than just colour blocking with bold colour.


There is nothing more alluring than a well-dressed bed

Dressing your bed can be so much fun. We like to layer up a bed with soft colours, trims, throws and scatter cushions and use beautifully

We have curated a selection of our own scatter cushions that we love using.


Adding accessories

Keep things simple with your accessories. Think of the things you need, a beautiful mirror for example, can work as both a functional and beautiful piece of decor and carefully picked frames filled with pictures of family and friends can invoke a feeling of love and warmth. Add in an attractive candle and diffuser for a beautiful scent that creates a spa sensation or whatever atmosphere you are trying to create.