By Noor Charchafchi
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Noor Charchafchi, founder and CEO of Celine Interior Design has created an established brand that is strongly recognised for its empowering vision that sees design as an extraordinary service that massively impacts the quality of life and human experience.

Noor provides an outstanding level of service personally and through her team and oversees each project with a high level of understanding of both client needs and aspirations.

Noor's mission is to constantly ensure her team are on a path of growth and innovation, ensuring the creation of masterpieces whilst dramatically improving quality of living and life.

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We have developed an extraordinary design team of architects, designers, project managers and stylists making up an incredible team dedicated to delivering design excellence that empowers our clients.

The team's core vision is to create massive impact through design on the quality of life of each and every client.

We will work tirelessly to over deliver on every aspect of your project.



Celine Interior Design, established in 2014 is proud to be recognised as a Great British Brand and a world leading and award winning luxury Interior Design Practice for projects worldwide.

Our studio and team are committed to massively impacting your quality of living and life through exceptional designs.

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