By Noor Charchafchi
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The Season's Finest Christmas Decorations by Celine Estates

November 19, 2018

Everyone will have started thinking about how close Christmas is, and those of us who love interiors will be considering this year’s set up for our Christmas homes. Here at Celine Estates we want to help on your Christmas interior journey to help you shop for the most exclusive decorative Christmas picks of the season!

1. Insect Tree Decorations by Joanna Buchanan – Harrods £55 (Set of 3)

Add to your existing decorations or start a fresh with these beautiful intricate sparkling insect bau- bles. Make your tree exceptional with the help of embellished decorations and give a lavishness to your tree this year.

Insect Tree Decorations By Joanna Buchanan

2. Golden Feather Bauble – LuxDeco £15

Go all in with gold by spreading a flurry of golden feathers throughout your tree for a grand and opulent look and bring the palace gates to your front door this season!

Golden Feather Bauble

3. Vintage Jewellery Nomad Wreath - Harrods

Following this year’s interior trend, add a metallic touch to your door this Christmas with this rustic-luxe wreath’s pine finished with champagne and copper coloured berries.

Vintage Jewellery Nomad Wreath

4. Oval Queen Pattern L - Patrick Coard

Looking for a non-conventional candle this season? We have found the perfect alternative to help you with your decorative layout, with gold inlays and each made by hand, this is as special as it gets!

Oval Queen Pattern L

5. Stone Marble Candle Collection - Baobab Collection

Who doesn’t want marbled oversized exquisite scented candles for Christmas? This company has to be one of the best placed to add a touch of Christmas glamour to every and any area of your home.

Stone Marble Candle Collection

6. Crystallization 85 - Lukas Wegwerth

Make your Christmas table the talk of the town with the help of this exceptional vase combining ceramic art with crystals. For that extra special one of a kind gift you offer yourself at Christmas, let this be it!

Crystallization 85

7. Funghi - Tamara Barrage

Looking for unique and show shopping, here it is! Beautiful vessels with sculptural layered patterns finished with amber detailing at their base. This is where you hit the Christmas jackpot!

Funghi Tamara Barrage